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Drew Sibley, a Downs Syndrome Adoption

Drew Sibley, a Downs Syndrome Adoption

Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia
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Here we are village, on the 5th adoption journey we did not plan. Our next son has been waiting in an orphanage for years with Down's Syndrome, and we would be traveling 3 weeks from now if all of our documentation was done and our fees were paid. We are his approved match, pending my dossier and immigration clearances in the works. We have absorbed the first $6,000 in homestudy, immigration, and dossier preparation. We have the ability to absorb the $10-15k in travel to Bogota and the long stay there, as long as we save everything between now and then and take a major hit to the emergency savings.

The following fees are where we need your help:

$5,000- Program fee
(covers the actual cost of paying for our child's needs in his care center and staff on the ground in Colombia) Due in the next few weeks
$2,500 Dossier fee (covers the translation of a few hundred pages of dossier and sending it there, my agencies grunt work, and random other things) Due in December
$3,100- Post placement (this is all of the reports my agency writes after he is home, translation of such, and finalization in MN. We have to pay it now because sometimes families don't pay their bills after their kids come home) Due before I leave
$1,000- Referral fee (this is filing my actual referral and I800 and Article 5 clearance) Due before I leave.
$1,000- Drew plane ticket home
$1500- In country legal expenses
including my Colombian lawyer and driver that I'm required to pay for when I am down there.

Let us address the elephant in the room shall we?
Ted is a physician. We have an income for which we are very thankful. The snag here is that

1. Since committing to Drew, we have been hit with $4,000 in medical expenses for Trenton. Out of budget items come from the same place = Drew's adoption money. We got that covered, it just means less savings for Drew.
2. We didn't plan for this
3. We aren't eligible for the adoption tax credit or most grants due to income
4. It's our 5th international adoption, the 2nd of a significantly and forever disabled child.
5. A repeat of number 1, he has been waiting for years and we couldn't plan for it.. and it's a race to see if and how fast we can get the village to rally for this kid to get him into a family.

Tax receipts are a thing. We wanted to make sure we provided a way that humanity could partner with us, and know that the monies will go directly to our adoption agency towards this boy's fees while also giving you the tax write off you likely need. We got the rest.

Thank you for partnering with this little man, and for putting up with us. We would greatly appreciate any and all help towards getting this little man home asap.

It's time, and it's been time for years.

Let's do this.

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  • $15,000 One-time Goal
  • $295 Still Needed
  • 1 Lives Impacted

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Ted & Erin Sibley
Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States

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Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia

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Drew Sibley, a Downs Syndrome Adoption

by Ted & Erin Sibley 1 Lives Impacted Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia

Here we are village, on the 5th adoption journey we did not plan. Our next son has been waiting in an orphanage for years with Down's Syndrome, and...

$14,705 One-time Donations
  • $15,000 One-time Goal
  • $295 Still Needed
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