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Tina & Robinson Baarspul - Uganda

Tina & Robinson Baarspul - Uganda

Namuzikiza, Central Region, Uganda
  • $5,605
    One-time Donations
  • $35
    Monthly Donations

About this Fundraiser

We’re Tina and Robinson.

We are re-beginning our journey to Uganda January 2021.

Sixteen years ago I heard and responded to my calling of helping others by moving to Mexico...

Now as a mother I am answering that call again and we are starting a new life of helping others, together.

Develop Sustainability is everything that I have been built to do. We help single mothers with building sustainable housing, we make aquaponic fish farms to help provide sustainable food and income source, we are building a trade school so that people can provide for their families and so much more.

My main roll being that of a support system for our Co-Founder/Director Brenda Sommer.

I have created a humble living for my son and I, tricks and practices that I hope to pass along to the women I get to work with in Uganda.

We will have some expenses while we are there with the primary ones being: rent, school fees/tutoring for Robinson, food and transportation fees.

I am hoping to raise a total of $1500.00 month. Allowing us to cover all our fees and provide a home & education for Robinson.  Consider Joining our Club35!

Club35 is a group that signs up to donate $35 a month for the year.  You will get a monthly update that can include videos, photos and written notes.

God has provided us an amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to begin helping other stand on their own two feet like so many have helped me do as well.

Another way to donate to the cause is to check out my little store in Hillsboro of all the finer bath & beauty products that I have made with my Young Living Oils

I pray you are moved to join us in this adventurous mission.

You can follow our journey at

God Bless!

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Namuzikiza, Central Region, Uganda

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Namuzikiza, Central Region, Uganda

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Tina & Robinson Baarspul - Uganda

by Develop Sustainability Organization 500 Lives Impacted Namuzikiza, Central Region, Uganda

We’re Tina and Robinson. We are re-beginning our journey to Uganda January 2021. Sixteen years ago I heard and responded to my calling of helping...

$5,605 One-time Donations
$35 Monthly Donations
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