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                    11,000,000 people living in the Lake Zone of Tanzania
                                     A Handful of Trained Dentists
                                     Zero Dental Training Facilities

      This is the reality in the Lake Zone of Tanzania, East Africa, where 11 million people live, most of them in poverty we can only imagine.  There is a handful of trained dentists, but most are medical workers only occasionally able to provide dental care.

     Will the situation improve? There is not even one dental training facility in the area…so what do you think?

     HOWEVER, The Lion of Judah Academy – Bulima Health Center is developing a solution.

Here’s what’s happening:
     The Lion of Judah Academy–Bulima Health Center is starting a unique dental outreach ministry and clinic.
     Step #1 is training 6 to 8 Tanzanians in basic dental skills. We are calling it The Lion of Judah Academy – Bulima Health Center “Dental Care Ministry Program.”

Each student will be trained:

     -- to do basic pain and infection control through exdontia (dental extractions)

      -- to use silver nitrate to control tooth decay  (never heard of this? Google “silver nitrate for tooth decay”!!  You'll be amazed)

      -- to effectively operate treatment outreaches, in conjunction with the Health Center

      -- to offer loving care to all people, in the name of Jesus Christ

Once certified (we have already received clearance from the authorities responsible for granting the certification) they will go into areas of great need, offering dental services where none have been available.

The initial training was initially scheduled for May, 2020.  Due to COVID-19 it has been rescheduled to February, 2021

I-TEC/I-DENT (click here to learn more about I-DENT -- check out the very informative brief video...Craig Hunter, one of the presenters, will be leading our team), which has extensive experience in this area, is partnering with The Lion of Judah Academy to provide this super-intensive week long training for 6 to 8 trainees.

           Our goal is to raise $10,000 for this project

The money is needed for:

     -- the training itself

     -- living expenses for the trainees and trainers (note: the trainers, who are all qualified dentists and dental workers from the U.S., will pay their own transportation costs to Tanzania…we just need to feed and house them)

     -- a full set of dental implements for the trainees to use in their work (one set for each pair of trainees…this benefit alone costs about $8000!)

     -- a supply of consumable items…enough to get them started

     -- other miscellaneous costs

The Outcome: 6 to 8 certified dental technicians providing treatment to thousands and thousands of people who currently have no access whatsoever to dental care (note: during the training week it is expected that 200 – 300 people will be treated…in that one week alone!).

                  Care provided to all who need it, in the name of Jesus

         You can be part of God’s remedy to this dental health care crisis in Tanzania

This is the first step on what we expect to be a long and challenging journey...but we can only get to step #2 after we've taken step #1.  We hope you'll join us.

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  • $10,000 One-time Goal
  • 10,000 Lives Impacted
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The Lion of Judah Academy provides an education of the highest quality to the children ...
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Ended - June 01, 2020
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Dental Training Mission to Tanzania

by The Lion of Judah Academy 10K Lives Impacted Tanzania

                  DENTAL HEALTH TRAINING MISSION                     11,000,000 people living in the Lake Zone of Tanzania                    ...

$715 One-time Donations
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