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Robert Gibson 0
Robert Gibson
Ontario, CA
Vincent Samuel 0
Vincent Samuel
Concord, CA
Lara Frederick 0
Lara Frederick
Helendale, CA
Mark & Laura Lee Brownton 0
Mark & Laura Lee Brownton
Devore Heights, CA
matthew and wanjung garcia 0
matthew and wanjung garcia
rancho cucamonga, CA
Diane Johnston 0
Diane Johnston
Platteville, CO
Jill Boocock 0
Jill Boocock
Fountain Valley, CA
Leland Hamby 0
Leland Hamby
Oceanside, CA
Debra Cuda 0
Debra Cuda
Temple City, CA
Jasper J. Posten 0
Jasper J. Posten
Madera, CA
Troy Spilman 0
Troy Spilman
Upland, CA
robert tayl;or 0
robert tayl;or
Mike Alger 0
Mike Alger
Fontana, CA
 Valerie 0
Miguel Carrillo 0
Miguel Carrillo
Fontana, CA
Carlye & Jerry Arnold 0
Carlye & Jerry Arnold
Arlington, TX
Stephen & Agnes Samuel 0
Sharon Baker 0
Sharon Baker
San Bernardino, CA
ron olsen 0
ron olsen
menifee, CA

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  • Kenney and Martha Stevens
  • Kimberly Cooke
  • Douglas Hickey
  • Sharon Hight
  • Jodi Pinkous
  • john gill
  • Robert Gibson
  • Tina Richter
  • Sharon Baker

Field Partner

e3 Partners 130M
Plano, TX, US
e3 Partners equips Christians with the training and tools they need to make a lasting i...
All donations go directly to e3 Partners as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions
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Dennis Larkin
Fontana, CA

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Dennis Larkin Staff Support Fundraiser

by Dennis Larkin 100 Lives Impacted

Friends,I want to personally thank you for your continued prayer and support of my ministry with e3 Partners. We are constantly amazed by everythi...

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