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2020 Ragnar Relay for Chanje

2020 Ragnar Relay for Chanje

Port-au-Prince, Ouest Department, Haiti
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Team Chanje is Running Reebok Ragnar So Cal!

Friends! Once again, I need your help
Specifically, your financial help - as much as you can or are willing to offer, but everything matters. Even $5-10 is a significant advancement toward my goal!


This year, like last year, I am unable to travel to Haiti with the Crossline Men's team.

However, I can still love on the people of Haiti, and you can help me

I'm running Ragnar on April 3-4, 2020.  It's a 200-ish mile "relay-style" race from Huntington Beach to San Diego.  But I'm not doing this for my love of running (trust me... there's not much love there).  Instead, I'm doing this to raise support for my love of the Haitian people!

Most of you know my heart for the people of Haiti.  I traveled to Haiti two years in a row, with other men from Crossline Church under the partnership with the Chanje Movement, for the purpose of sharing the good news about Jesus, along with humanitarian help.   


My Experience with Haiti 

When we go to Haiti, our primary objective is to bring life transformation by revealing who God is, what Jesus did for all of us, and how He positively engages and impacts our lives today.   But we also back that up with sweat equity, such as building the roof for a home, or digging out a new septic system or new well, or bagging and transporting food for hundreds of families.  In all circumstances we work alongside Haitian workers and partners, because the goal is to 'Make Haitians the Heroes'.


I've witnessed first-hand the profound hope, joy, and life-transformation that Jesus brings to Haiti when combined with compassion, love, and needs being met.  

Women and children are protected, families are provided for, jobs are created, businesses are started, medical needs are attended, shelter is provided, impoverished villages gain a new identity that translates into unity and support of one another, and hope and joy flourish when we give even a little of our attention, compassion, and resources to help.  


You can do this.  You can help.

The Chanje Movement


We are bringing a hope and a future to the children of Haiti through community transformation and revival.

I'm proud to put my personal energy into the mission of the Chanje Movement, and back their mission, because I have seen and participated in the effective, powerful, compassionate, and impactful work the organization accomplishes.

Through the Chanje Movement in Haiti, thousands had continuous access to clean water and received emergency meals, 500 leaders received training, 75 youth received regular primary and secondary school education, five homes were built, businesses were launched and many jobs created. We are helping Haitians be the Heroes, thanks to the generosity of donors and volunteers. We are eager to see the growth that continues to take place in 2020 and beyond.

Haiti, like much of the world, is in need of change. We believe that God can bring help and hope to the nations, and that He will do that through the hands and feet of people. Together, we are committed to raising movements of change in the cities, towns and villages of the world.

What sorts of things does your money support?

* Food for people and villages living in extreme poverty
* Wells dug for clean water (in some areas where there's no easy access to water at all)
* Micro-loans for the "business program", building change by strategically and wisely supporting new Haitian-owned businesses
* The new "Field of Dreams" community project, where land was purchased and developed, providing local jobs, vocational training for locals, a "multi-purpose" building where community events are held and medical needs are met,  a church building, an orphanage, and a safe space for local kids to come play.
* Education
* Leadership training for local leaders and pastors
* Orphanages and continued support of the sweet young lives sheltered within
* Homes built


For more pictures and videos of my personal experiences in Haiti, click here to check it out! 

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  • $1,000 One-time Goal
  • $375 Still Needed
  • 10,000 Lives Impacted
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2020 Ragnar Relay for Chanje
By Chanje Movement
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To bring a hope and a future to the children of Haiti through community transformation ...
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Port-au-Prince, Ouest Department, Haiti

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2020 Ragnar Relay for Chanje

by David Wilson 10K Lives Impacted Port-au-Prince, Ouest Department...

Team Chanje is Running Reebok Ragnar So Cal! Friends! Once again, I need your help.  Specifically, your financial help - as much as you can or...

$625 One-time Donations
  • $1,000 One-time Goal
  • $375 Still Needed
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