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Running Around like crazy, but back in NC since November 15, 2014. Posted about ago

Shortly after returning to North Carolina, God blessed me with a "tent making" opportunity, but I had to go to Canada to do it!! I spent almost 2 months there working construction in a hospital. It was hard work but definitely a blessing.

From February 17-23 I had the opportunity to go to Stuart, Florida for an e3USA retreat and that was refreshing. We rolled out a Level 1 training for some of the newer folks on the team and we got to spend time out in the harvest sharing the gospel and loving on favorite!!

As I'm trying to get settled back in, God has shown me many things and is giving me clarity on His purpose for my life here in North Carolina and beyond. I had a chance to go to San Antonio to the George Strait team roping.....It was a lot of fun and I was blessed to be able to do that, but I doubled it as an opportunity to connect with a couple who are awesome mentors in my life and learned so much from them. I also had a chance to reconnect with a lot of the folks that I worked with in Austin in the form of a gathering at one of their homes on that Saturday evening. It was a very productive trip and it was so exciting to see how God is still using those folks in Austin. Praise God!!

Since getting back, I've been continuing to do some "tent making" as well as continuing to work towards getting to 100% support. I'm scheduling appointments and trying to be efficient with my time. We have a training planned here in Forest City on March 27-28. It will be an L1 training on Friday and then prayer walking on Saturday. God is also beginning to give me more opportunities to travel to other areas to co-labor and train. Please be in prayer as I travel to Nashville for 3-4 weeks, leaving Mach 31 and then I fly to Sacramento, CA on May 4th to spend 2 weeks in the harvest and training there.

I am so thankful for God's divine appointments and giving me these opportunities to train here in my home town and the blessing to go to other places. As these opportunities come up more often, please pray about how God wants you to be involved. I covet your prayers, encourage you to reach out to people in your own communities and pray about partnering with me financially so that I can continue to go wherever the Lord calls me.
Clint Harrill's Staff Support Fundraiser
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Clint Harrill's Staff Support Fundraiser

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