Clothed in Hope : She Is Priceless 2018

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In Zambia, the female literacy rate is only 52%. We want to change that.

Our students graduate from our program with new skills in sewing and business, but often lack basic reading and writing skills in English, and sometimes even in their native language. 

The Clothed in Hope Literacy Project aims to provide skills in reading and writing in Nyanja, as well as how to read, write, and speak English. We believe that these additional skills will open doors for new business and increase confidence as our graduates go out into the workplace. Additionally, a local Zambian will be given employment to run this project!

The Details

• $7,500 will cover the expenses of TWO 6-month literacy courses

• Each course will serve 15 women (30 women total)

• This project is open to any Clothed in Hope student, graduate or staff member who wishes to seek this additional training

• Literacy Project students will attain new skills that will allow them to better run their small businesses!

When we pitched this idea in March, our students were elated! The truth is, these reading and writing skills are some that many of these women have never had the chance to learn, and they are they eager to get started! 

But first, WE NEED YOU — Join us in launching our Clothed in Hope Literacy Project. Help us change the literacy statistic!

We need YOU to help get these women reading and writing for the first time in their lives! Will you join us?
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