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Children's Connections, Inc.

Children's Connections, Inc.

Lubbock, TX

Children's Connections provides free adoption information, resources, and referrals. We love building families through adoption! We have Adoption Coordinators for Domestic, International, Embryo, Older Child, and Relative Adoption.

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Children’s Connections, Inc.

is a not-for-profit organization of committed professionals who are dedicated to helping build families through adoption by providing services to support birth and adoptive families. Regardless of where you are in the adoption process, we can help you know what to expect and how to make the best choices for you and your family. We are available at every step of your adoption journey to answer questions, provide you with resources and referrals and to further educate you on adoption issues; even after placement.

Children’s Connection’s Inc. provides the following services to support Texas families and their children and caregivers:

Pregnancy Services- We provide help for an expectant mother in Texas experiencing a crisis during pregnancy by providing support, adoption information and counseling. Assessments help identify needs and develop a plan. We work with pregnant women who are victims of a crime, have medical needs, or are not ready to parent their baby. All services to pregnant women are at no charge.

Crime Victim’s Assistance Services-We provide services to pregnant women whohave been the victim of a violent crime, regardless of whether they have filed a police report or not. Services include: financial support, counseling services, referrals to services, crisis intervention, advocacy, assistance with legal and medical appointments, and follow-up support.

Children and Pregnant Women Medicaid Case Management- We provide file consultations to assess each pregnant woman’s needs as well as the needs of her family. Referrals and connections are made to community resources to meet identified needs. Pregnant women who have high-risk pregnancies, medical needs or teen parents receive these services at no charge.

Adoption Consultations- We can provide free consultation services for Texas adoptive parents on both domestic (infant, older child, step-parent, kinship) and international adoptions and help develop an individualized adoption plan. We conduct information teleconference and training sessions for adoptive parents, regardless of the type of adoption. Clients receive on-going support for post-adoption issues.

Connecting Hearts Infant Adoption Program- The Connecting Hearts Infant Adoption Program assists families in adopting newborns and toddlers. We’ll help you assess your adoption needs and develop an adoption plan that is just right for your family. We place babies with families throughout the U.S. We assist families by matching them to a birth mother or help them complete a legal adoption if they know a pregnant woman who wants to place her baby or child with them.

Crystal Angels Embryo Adoption Services- The Crystal Angels Embryo Adoption Program assists families in donating their frozen embryos remainig from their in vitro (IVF). We help families adopt these embryos, so they can build their family despite infertility or genetic problems. We help families throughout the U.S. with their embryo adoption process.

Home Study Service- We prepare home study reports and updates for domestic infant, international, waiting (older) child/out of state foster care, step-parent, grandparents/relative and embryo adoption throughout Texas. We work with many other adoption agencies and assist their families as well. We prepare post-placement and post-adoption reports and provide resources, referrals and support for families after your adoption is completed.

Child Nutrition Program- We operate a nutrition program for registered licensed child care providers who provide quality nutrition to children. We assist with menu planning ideas. We also provide nutrition education to these caregivers in west Texas.

Mom’s Milk Matters- We work with child care providers and parents to encourage breast feeding and the health benefits it provides. Our staff conducts outreach with other agencies to help promote breast feeding on local communities throughout west Texas.

Strengthening Families Parent Education- We conduct parent training classes and individual sessions for parents who are ordered by the court or divorcing or have an interest in learning more about how to parent children from birth through age 17.

Children’s Connections Inc. provides services to Texas families and their children & caregivers. The Connecting Hearts Infant Adoption Program and the Crystal Angels programs serve families throughout the United States.

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Children's Connections, Inc.

Lubbock, TX

Children's Connections provides free adoption information, resources, and referrals. We love building families through adoption! We have Adoption C...

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