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CGA School Sponsorship

CGA School Sponsorship

Mbita, Homa Bay, Kenya
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Bob Rannells 0
Bob Rannells
Brentwood, TN
James and Patricia Gee 0
James and Patricia Gee
Nashville, TN
Sarah Weber 0
Sarah Weber
Laurel, Montana, United States
Sara Seher 0
Sara Seher
Great Falls, MT
Carol Lustig 0
Carol Lustig
Billings, MT
Cindy Williams 0
Cindy Williams
Huger, SC
Alan Davenport 0
Alan Davenport
Smyrna, Tennessee, United States
Webb Mandeville 0
Webb Mandeville
Columbus, MT
Phil Jordan 0
Phil Jordan
Mt. Pleasant, SC
Kimberly L Poff 0
Kimberly L Poff
Charleston, South Carolina, United States
William Hogan 0
William Hogan
Charleston, South Carolina, United States
Marie Corbin 0
Marie Corbin
Daniel Island, SC
Steven Lowe 0
Steven Lowe
Billings, MT
  • $6,250 Monthly Goal
  • $5,364 Still Needed
  • 500 Lives Impacted
  • 146 Days To Go

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Field Partner

Christ's Gift Academy 0
Mt. Pleasant, SC, US
To see God's Kingdom come to Kenya through the lives of these children.
All donations go directly to Christ's Gift Academy as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions
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Christ's Gift Academy
Mt. Pleasant, SC, US

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Mbita, Homa Bay, Kenya

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146 Days to go
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CGA School Sponsorship

by Christ's Gift Academy 500 Lives Impacted Mbita, Homa Bay, Kenya

At CGA we are extremely grateful for all those who financially support the work and ministry in Mbita, Kenya. Child Sponsorship accounts for about ...

$886 Monthly Donations
  • $6,250 Monthly Goal
  • $5,364 Still Needed
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