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One-time donations for the Christian Academy for the Deaf.

Christian Academy for the Deaf is the second generation of The Deaf Children’s Ministry (DCM), now known as Deaf WiN. DCM began in 2009 at The Church at Tree Lake in China Spring, Texas. Students were taken by a church van 20 miles from the Regional Day School Program for the Deaf, housed in a public school, to what they consider their home church. The congregation continues to support the children and families as they regularly return for worship services and other events and activities.

In 2014 Highland Baptist Church invited the ministry to join the WiN program, a wonderful afterschool tutoring/Bible school. We were delighted to eliminate the need for the long bus ride as the church is located 2 blocks from the school. The children enjoy the short walk and volunteers do not miss the rowdy bus ride. Highland Baptist Church has very generously given the ministry a dedicated space that allows us to make elaborate sets for the weekly Bible lessons. The older children teach the younger ones as they participate in plays that visually teach Bible truths through the wonderful lessons learned through the Word.

Following the children’s program parents join us for a Free Sign Language Class that is, in large part, a support group. Parents lead the class and offer valuable mentorship to new parents and each other. Baylor students who are studying ASL, or are in the teacher preparation program to become deaf education teachers, volunteer to provide childcare for the children while the parents learn to communicate more effectively through ASL to their children. Siblings have the opportunity to learn sign language in a play environment and to build relationships with each other.

In 2015 three of the wonderful women who have volunteered in The Deaf Children’s Ministry since it began started a Deaf Youth Life Group. They meet with these young teens, who grew up in the Deaf Children’s Ministry, regularly to continue life application of what they learned as children. Four of these wonderful teens were baptized at The Church on Tree Lake this year. God has blessed them as they continue to grow in Him. One of your younger children followed their example in believer’s baptism a few months later. We have seen entire families return to the Lord as a result of their children’s witness.

God has been so good to allow this ministry to blossom and grow from humble beginnings. As the new chapter of a Christian Academy for the Deaf opens we are anxious to see how the blessings will continue to unfold.

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The goal of the Academy is to provide a seat of learning and research for children who ...
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Ended - January 01, 2022
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CAD General Fund One-Time Donations

by Christian Academy for the Deaf 100 Lives Impacted China Spring, Texas, United States

One-time donations for the Christian Academy for the Deaf.Christian Academy for the Deaf is the second generation of The Deaf Children’s Ministry (...

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