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Epoch Dream Center, we are committed to loving and nurturing the under-resourced children in our community.  We are dedicated to showing up daily to provide structure, healthy relationships, character development, and more.  Our staff functions as a family support system providing tutoring, behavioral/emotional intervention and modification as well as fun gym time everyday.  We work with each child, helping him/her to think through their feelings and choices by offering alternative views and options.  Our caring volunteers provide weekly one-on-one mentoring to each student.  Each night, we gather together to eat a home cooked meal as a family.  

Research shows that having dinner together as a family at least four times a week has positive effects on child development. Family dinners are linked to a lower risk of obesity, substance abuse, eating disorders, and an increased chance of graduating from high school. Most of our children come to Epoch having never experienced a sit down, family dinner.  Many of our students would fend for themselves for dinner or not have dinner at all if they were not at Epoch.  At Epoch, we cook homemade, nutritious dinners every night and sit down at the table "family style" to eat!  Students learn how to have back and forth conversations with adults and practice their table manners.  Together, students, staff, volunteers, and mentors discuss their day's highs and lows, celebrate birthdays, and most importantly-make relationships!  We believe that change is made through relationships and relationships are made at the dinner table.

As you partner with The Epoch Dream Center to provide meals each week to these children, you are helping them to begin a better story for their lives: one meal at a time.

100% of your tax-deductible donation goes directly to providing food for our students.  Thank you!

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  • $2,000 One-time Goal
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  • 55 Lives Impacted
  • 2994 Days To Go

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The Epoch Dream Center is a free after-school program in Hebron, Maryland serving under...
All donations go directly to Epoch Dream Center as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions
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Hebron, Maryland, United States

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2994 Days to go
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Begin a Better Story: One Meal At a Time-Month

by JoAnn Phippin Blackmon 55 Lives Impacted Hebron, Maryland, United States

 Epoch Dream Center, we are committed to loving and nurturing the under-resourced children in our community.  We are dedicated to showing up daily ...

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  • $2,000 One-time Goal
  • $2,000 Still Needed
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