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Aquaponic Training - 5 Day Feb
Feb 8, 2016 - Feb 12, 2016
Hilliard, Florida, United States

Our intention is to empower you with cutting-edge information to get started in this promising new technology of the ancient past.

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Aquaponic Training - 5 Day Feb

Aquaponic Training - 5 Day Feb

Hilliard, Florida, United States
Feb 8, 2016 - Feb 12, 2016

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Aquaponics Training 5 Day

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Course Description

Aquaponics is one of the most sustainable and productive farming systems in the world. It combines Aquaculture and Hydroponics to create more self-sufficient, closed-loop, systems that use only a fraction of the water, labor, energy, etc. that other methods use. Combining Permaculture Design with Aquaponics creates an even more sustainable, dynamic, productive & regenerative system. In this aquaponics training you will learn some of the most cutting-edge pioneering aquaponics systems from various successful experts in the field, and gain a solid foundation from which to create your own Aquaponics System appropriate to your climate, ecology, dreams, & desires.

Course Details
This Aquaponics Training includes:

  • Detailed exploration and overview of the science of Aquaponics - how it works
  • System designs from all over the world; design, functions, adaptability, uses, variations and improvements.
  • A detailed 160 page Aquaponics Course Manual covering all aspects of Aquaponics including:
    • Day-to-day operation of the system
    • Design checklist
    • Field tested formulas, calculations, estimates and guidelines.
    • Complete designs, plans and materials lists.
  • And much more!

If that is not enough...
We will also cover Hydroponics, slow drip, raised bed, wicking buckets and "Junk-Food Machines" (re-purposing junk to grow food)

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Tim Lovelace
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