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Story after story are coming from our National Partners as they serve and minister to others in spite of and because of COVID-19. This is just one that brought me to tears Friday! It reminded me of something a team member said last year:

Our lives are forever interwoven. "God is writing a book for each of us. Other people have the same chapter as we do because our lives are connected, our stories are forever intertwined. These are eternal stories that will remain forever."

The lives of those e3 Medical touches are forever a part of the book being written about your life. One recent way your donations were able to make a huge impact!

At ten years old a Afghan girl was forced to marry a much older man. She had her first child at 11 years old. The man was abusive. Many painful years later about the beginning of 2020, they escaped their country due to political violence. They slipped into Greece seeking refuge.

Summer 2020: our Refugee Partners met the woman, now 20 as she was walking aimlessly on the street outside the large refugee camp. She was obviously distraught. They asked if she needed help. Her husband was allowing others to abuse her in the camp. Our Partner was able to connect her with a group that supports women in these abusive situations.

She has become open to listening as our Partners share the Gospel. They have provided her with food, clothing, medicine and a means of protection from abuse. Someone gave her a cross pendant. She found a chain to put it around her neck. She said it brings her closer to Jesus.

Your prayers and support make a difference! I can't wait to see how God is using you and those you serve.

This is not her picture, in order to protect her identity, but she looks very similar to this. You are now part of the book God is writing for her! Pray she comes to know just how much God loves her! Thank you!

Anne Lucas, Director e3 Medical

Anne Lucas' Staff Support Fundraiser
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Anne Lucas' Staff Support Fundraiser

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