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Masks and the Gospel Posted about ago

Masks are opening the door to share the Gospel!! Praise the Lord for using COVID-19 for HIS glory and HIS honor!!
God uses whatever we have, if we allow Him!

1. Who would have thought that giving a mask or two would open a door?
2. Who would have thought teaching ways to properly wear a mask and how to stay safe from COVID-19 would open the door?

"It's happening!" in Kenya, the Middle East, Greece, Niger, Romania, Rwanda, Russia, Tanzania and Southeast Asia.

e3 Medical has provided funds to our national partners to purchase masks, hand sanitizer and soap to those who cannot afford it. The proper way to wear the mask is also taught ...something we call could learn <smile>!
 It seems like a small thing unless you have no money to purchase a mask!

In Southeast Asia, one of our leaders uses a flip chart to teach proper wearing of masks and how to properly wash one's hands. In strictly controlled villages where sharing the Gospel isn't allowed, the police are allowing him to teach, give away masks AND share the Gospel!!

In one village, some people threatened him after he taught mask usage and gave out masks. He was being accused of being a government spy. He went home and decided to visit the slum areas near his home and was welcomed with open arms to teach and share the Gospel! He said his lesson was: never get discouraged; step out in faith and the Lord provides a person of peace. Praise the Lord!

We anticipate he and his team will distribute 15,000 masks by the end of next week... masks given with much prayer and in the Name of Jesus! 15,000 people will hear the Gospel!! Baptisms are happening, lives are changed because of a little mask and a big virus!

Our role has been to pray, send funds, pray and listen to unbelievable stories!

Join us!

Anne Lucas' Staff Support Fundraiser
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Anne Lucas' Staff Support Fundraiser

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