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Joe & Bonnie OBrien 0
Joe & Bonnie OBrien
Roxborough, CO
Angela Ziske 0
Angela Ziske
Sheboygan, WI
Cathy Moes 0
Cathy Moes
Aurora, CO
Gayle Gunderson 0
Gayle Gunderson
Lakewood, CO
Linda Drew 0
Linda Drew
Kelowna, International
Julie and Dave Augustine 0
Julie and Dave Augustine
Manitowoc, WI
Carol Godfrey 0
Carol Godfrey
Parker, CO
Eric Lovin 0
Eric Lovin
Elberton, GA
Betsy Benton 0
Betsy Benton
Parker, CO
Wendy Matthews 0
Nathan Stokes 0
Nathan Stokes
Aurora, CO
 Amanda 0
Chilton, WI
Jim & Denise Wilson 0
Jim & Denise Wilson
Plymouth, WI
Rod and Di Stucky 0
Rod and Di Stucky
Littleton, CO
Ron and Rhonda Haynes Lovely Feet Ministries 0
Ron and Rhonda Haynes Lovely Feet Ministries
Salem, Wisconsin, United States
Jonathan and Margaret Klatt 0
Randy Davis 0
Randy Davis
Parker, CO
Jessica Booker 0
Jessica Booker
Los Angeles, CA
Kendra Fraze 0
Kendra Fraze
Littleton, CO

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Word Made Flesh 0
Wilmore, KY, US
Word Made Flesh is called and committed to serve Jesus among the most vulnerable of the...
All donations go directly to Word Made Flesh as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions
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El Alto, La Paz Department, Bolivia

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Ali Fraze & Ramiro Tapia - Bolivia

by Ali Fraze 200 Lives Impacted El Alto, La Paz Department, Bolivia

Hello! Welcome to my staff support page! I have been working full time with Word Made Flesh Bolivia since 2013. WMF Bolivia works to seek abundant ...

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