Alex's House Children

Alex's House Children

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  • Arline Jeudi

    16 years old Female Haiti

    Arline is in 5th grade and likes to draw and help others. She has a brother and a sister at Alex's House. After finishing school she wants to be ...

  • Dawens S. Jean-Baptiste

    16 years old Male Haiti

    Dawens is in 9th grade. How intelligent he is!! He is always helping at AH. He loves soccer and when he is finished with school he wants to be a b...

  • Da├»caslie Dimanche

    15 years old Female Haiti

    Daica is in 5th grade. She does not talk a lot but is always smiling. She would like to be a nurse when she grows up.

  • Dorie Exavier

    13 years old Male Haiti

    Diore is in the 6th grade. He's a very strong, athletic and very smart. He will be a great leader some day. He hopes to attend college and become...

  • Jeff Jean

    25 years old Male Haiti

    Jeff is in his third year of college and is majoring in International Business. He hopes to someday travel oversees and work in politics.

  • Jenny Jean

    Female Haiti

  • Jerry Jean

    25 years old Male Haiti

    Jerry is in his final year of college. His major is Business. He is a hard worker, a great leader, and is very intellegent.

  • Job Dieussaint

    16 years old Male Haiti

    Job is in 7th grade and is always playing and joking around. He seems to be so quiet, but he is not so quiet as you get to know him. He is good ...

  • Kindy St-louis

    11 years old Male Haiti

    Kindy is in 3rd grade, when he grows up he wants to be a police officer.

  • Louispierre Mompremier

    21 years old Male Haiti

    Louispierre is in 9th grade. He is very quiet and is very respectful and kind. He also loves soccer. After finishing with school he wants to ma...

  • Lourdemia Exavier

    12 years old Female Haiti

    Lourdemia is in 5th grade. She is very reserved but also very caring. When she grows up she wants to be a seamstress.

  • Micky Toussaint

    20 years old Male Haiti

    Micky is in the 9th grade and loves to play soccer. He is a very good goal keeper and an even better young man. He is studying hard so he can som...

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  • Sponsored - February 08, 2021
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    Remy Joseph

    22 years old Male Haiti

    Remy is in 9th grade and has one brother - Renel, at AH. He runs the soft drink business at the York House and would like to be an Engineer after ...