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Alafia Cole - Sierra Leone

Alafia Cole - Sierra Leone

Freetown, Western Area, Sierra Leone

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Alafia Cole

Christian Alafia Cole was born on the 8th of August to a Sierra Leonean father and a Liberian mother. Unfortunately, they did not marry each other. Due to this, his mother thought it fit to go back to Liberia where she died in the brutal war.

While attending primary school, Alafia was left to his Aunt when he was nine. Later he decided to live with his father and stepmother. After graduating from high school, he received an institute degree in road construction. Then he started working for the Ministry of Works. This season of his life was very unstable for him, as he was bounced around from life on the streets to life with his aunty and father.

Even though Alafia came from a “Christian” family, he never had that deep feeling about who God is. He did construction work for about three years and then started doing business. When he was not working, Alafia would relax with his friends at a certain place, drinking alcohol, smoking, and taking drugs. Then God sent a man there, who told them about God’s good plan for their lives. After promising the man to attend church several times, Alafia finally DID go. At that first visit he made a commitment that he would serve God in that church. A few years later he was ordained a deacon, and continues to serve and worship there to this day.

Alafia started volunteering with WMFSL in 2010. Now he serves as the Lighthouse Youth Coordinator. He is married to a beautiful woman Alekeh who is a teacher. He coordinates thirty five youth and mentors six of them. Four of them are staying in his house. He also meets with all the other mentors for Lighthouse youth once a month.

Please consider kindly making a donation to Alafia’s fundraiser. Your contribution really helps to make a difference.

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Freetown, Western Area, Sierra Leone

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Alafia Cole - Sierra Leone

by Alafia Cole 1K Lives Impacted Freetown, Western Area, Sierra L...

Alafia ColeChristian Alafia Cole was born on the 8th of August to a Sierra Leonean father and a Liberian mother. Unfortunately, they did not marry ...

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