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Every year our Aim For Change Corn Hole Tournaments help raise the necessary money to fund Creative Life Foundation's prevention work in Thailand. This year, due to our current circumstances, we are canceling our tournaments and hitting the streets (or trails) from the safety and convenience of our neighborhoods.

Tim Hupe, Creative Life Foundation's director and co-founder is kicking off the event on his 40th Birthday August 8th. He is looking for people to run with him, hoping to cover as much ground as possible to raise $40,000.

As people begin to fundraise for Creative Life Foundation and connect us to a whole new network, we thought now would be a good time to briefly mention who we are, and why you should partner with us.

Creative Life Foundation is a team of staff and volunteers dedicated to making a positive difference in the world. At CLF, we are connecting vulnerable and marginalized people to resources to break cycles of poverty, exploitation, and risk. This simple act is contributing to the prevention of human trafficking in Thailand - a cause we care deeply about and bet you do too.

For over a decade, we have come alongside Thai families, refugees, migrants, and hill tribe. Our core values have helped us develop a model that empowers and creates freedom.

Our model provides:

1.) Access to Education. We've created a needs-based scholarship program that allows us to meet the diverse challenges our students face. For example, we help enroll our migrant and refugee students in International Schools. The cost is high, but the benefits are priceless. Since 2013 we have supported 70 children with tuition, books, uniforms, transportation, and school lunch.

2.) Mentorship. We connect our students with a mentor, a role model that helps our students set actionable goals, problem solve, and offer encouragement. Mentorship is provided by our staff and dedicated volunteers.

3.) Resources. We are committed to providing our students with additional resources that support their needs, such as providing a tutor, connecting them to internships or summer jobs (for our older students), funding for extracurricular activities, and hosting regular English Camps.

4.) Citizenship. CLF is always learning and trying to do better. According to the UN, lack of citizenship is the major risk factor for hill tribe women and girls for being trafficked or otherwise exploited. Children don't live in a vacuum. As long as mothers remain at risk, so do their children, and the cycle continues. That's why we are developing a response that will help 75 eligible women become documented citizens and provide them with access to education through our adult literacy program.

So you see. When you participate in our #aimforchange2020 40KM virtual run, walk, or cycle during August, you are helping us raise $40K that contributes to everything listed above. Thank you for going the distance with us!

Catch a glimpse into what we accomplished in 2019 or visit our website for more info:

Scholarship Program

63 students received help with tuition, books, uniforms, and school lunches

100% of our students graduated to another year which shows that the mentorship we provide our students is working!

1 student graduated from university; 8 students were enrolled in college; 4 more students were enrolled in international schools.

188 students joined us for 3 English camps and 4 training that support our student's goals and provide life skills.

351 tutoring hours provided by our staff and volunteers

1432 teaching and mentorship hours provided by staff

Urban Refugee Response

88 visits to refugee and asylum seekers in Immigration Detention

220 hours spent at the Immigration Detention Center

42 home visits and number of families who received practical donations

30 participants where provided therapeutic support

Refugees who received support this year came from: Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Iraq

Read our full annual report here

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Aim For Change 2020

by Creative Life Foundation 200 Lives Impacted Thailand

Every year our Aim For Change Corn Hole Tournaments help raise the necessary money to fund Creative Life Foundation's prevention work in Thailand. ...

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