AIM4India School Child Sponsorship

AIM4India School Child Sponsorship

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Pray for Aditya Posted about ago

Dear Sponsors, one of our school children, a little boy named Aditya, was hospitalized last night after discovering that he is anemic. His blood platelets have dropped to a dangerously low level. Aditya is REG-2016-022 on our registration list and does not currently have a sponsor. Therefore we are asking all of our sponsors to pray with us for him. Please remember his mother as well. Thank you for your concern, support, and your prayers. 
AIM4India School Child Sponsorship
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AIM4India builds schools in rural India for impoverished children with little to no opp...

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AIM4India School Child Sponsorship

by AIM4India

In India, there are children who will never have the opportunity to go to school. With a basic education, this child can escape a life of extreme ...

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