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African Women's Leadership Training

African Women's Leadership Training

  • $9,101
    One-time Donations
  • $150
    Monthly Donations

About this Fundraiser

The African Women's Leadership Training Initiative is a partnership between the Women of Grace and ALARM (African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministry) that will provide a three-year leadership training program for women in Rwanda.

ALARM has selected 55 women to participate in this initiative.  The group is diverse -- they come from all over the country, represent different denominations and tribes  and vary in age. 

We'll be gathering alongside these women three times a year over a three year period creating the opportunity for them to connect and engage with each other.  During the conferences we'll be focusing on unity and topics related to leadership, trauma recovery and healing -- all within the context of faith.

You can gather additional information and to read a bit about these women and their stories on our website. 

As they are trained, they will take their newly developed skills and knowledge to then lead, train, disciple and mentor other men and women. When you invest in one of these leaders, the positive impact is multiplied across their communities and the country of Rwanda.


ALARM recognizes the key role that women play in positively transforming their communities. The saying “educate a woman and you educate a community” has been tried and tested over and over again. 

Women across the continent of Africa have often been marginalized and sidelined as a result of socio-cultural beliefs, political circumstances and traditionally patriarchal leadership systems that have excluded them. However, the resilience and strength of many of these women, despite extreme hardship, is creating vital space for them to play a significant role in the transformation of Africa through leadership, economic development, peace building and self-sufficiency.

We truly believe that investing in these women will not only transform the spiritual climate and legacy of Rwanda, but will also reach Africa and the world.


Would you HELP build into a leader in Rwanda? We've already completed 7 conferences and ONLY have 1 more to go. 

Each conference has been a huge success and the Rwandan women are eagerly anticipating graduation.  

Would you commit to supporting one (or a few) of these women making it possible for her to continue being equipped and empowered?


A one time gift of $300 will pay for 1 leader per conference.

OR you could consider a monthly donation of $50 to help sponsor 1 leader.

Really, any amount helps!  Here's a few examples:

$15 = transportation to Kigali for the conference for 1 leader.

$30 = lodging for 6 nights for 1 leader.

$35 = breakfast for 1 leader for the week.

$108 = 3 translators for 1 day of the conference

Your contribution will fund a Rwandan leader and cover their travel to and from Kigali, food and lodging at ALARM's Training Center and all conference materials.

If you would prefer to send a check, please make the check out to ALARM and send to Corinne Gunter, Grace Church, 5504 East 146th Street, Noblesville, IN 46062 

If you have questions please contact Corinne Gunter at at 317.848.2722 ext. 329.

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Ended - August 31, 2018
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African Women's Leadership Training

by African Women's Leadership Training 4K Lives Impacted Rwanda

The African Women's Leadership Training Initiative is a partnership between the Women of Grace and ALARM (African Leadership and Reconciliation Min...

$9,101 One-time Donations
$150 Monthly Donations
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