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Abundant Life

Abundant Life

El Alto, La Paz Department, Bolivia
  • $9,292
    One-time Donations

About this Fundraiser

SutiSana, the social enterprise of Word Made Flesh Bolivia is in a critical state, and we need your help!

SutiSana provides dignified employment for survivors of prostitution. After 10 years of work with prostituted women, WMFB founded SutiSana to meet a specific need: a safe and just work environment, with a strong supportive community and continued opportunities for growth. 

We began with lots of hope, though lacked the hard skills needed to launch a social enterprise. Now we're paralyzed by our financial reality. And that stings.

Although we remain equally passionate, and sales are improving daily. We're now also working with a business consultant and creating a long-term plan.  We’re in the process of hiring stellar staff who can facilitate financial stability (see below for more details). 

We simply lack the funds to cover salaries and these new investments. 

And as we restructure and improve, we still have 7 women in our care. SutiSana was not designed to be a transitional program, as employment options for an uneducated former sex worker in Bolivia are miserable at best. And we are committed to seeking abundant life

This video highlights how SutiSana is one integral piece towards that goal, particularly for Ada, Diedra, Eva, Faustina, Fiona, Rita and Sara.

I wish you could see the transformation in their lives! How far they’ve come, how they overcome obstacles every day. They’re leading their families in a new direction and are near to the Lord. Rita leads production. Fiona is studying for her high school diploma. Quiet Ada now proudly speaks up.

WITH $20,480.00 WE CAN KEEP THESE WOMEN EMPLOYED - AND DO IT WELLWithout these funds, we will need to scale down employment in proportion to our finances. And we are heavy with the potential consequences of that.

Please consider how you can help. 

On behalf of the whole WMFB community, thank you. 

Andrea Baker
Co-Director l WMFB


Your gift would help to meet these specific needs for 2015.  

· Salaries for 7 survivors $6,800

· Health Insurance for 7 survivors $850

· Business Manager Salary $4,740

· Production Coordinator Salary $3,070

· Administrative Assistant Salary $1,320

· Production Materials $3,700

  Total  $20,480

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  • $20,480 One-time Goal
  • 50 Lives Impacted
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Word Made Flesh is called and committed to serve Jesus among the most vulnerable of the...
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El Alto, La Paz Department, Bolivia

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Ended - July 31, 2015
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Abundant Life

by Word Made Flesh 50 Lives Impacted El Alto, La Paz Department, Bolivia

SutiSana, the social enterprise of Word Made Flesh Bolivia is in a critical state, and we need your help!SutiSana provides dignified employment for...

$9,292 One-time Donations
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