Friends of Little Sugar Creek Fundraiser

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We are getting creative with raising money to help Friends of Little Sugar Creek free and restore Little Sugar Creek and return it to it's natural state - a clean, free-flowing creek for the community to enjoy.  The case is currently in the hands of the courts as they decide whether the City of Bentonville can remove the dam.  The City chose to file a lawsuit  against Cooper Communities and the Trailblazers, previous owners of the dam, as to whether or not the deed requires the dam to remain in perpetuity.  We are 5 years into this endeavor of  trying to remove the failed, obsolete dam and each time we get a step forward the people who want the dam to remain find another way to stop us.  A dam degrades water quality, stops the passage of fish migration and is, quite frankly, ugly.  Our community has the opportunity to offer up a how-to guide for improving watershed health, ecological sustainability, and quality of life in the Ozarks.  Let's not waste this opportunity.  Please support a  free-flowing Little Sugar Creek. This dam needs to go and we need your help to fight, please! 

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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