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As many of you may know I love to get outside and run. Over the years I have gone from my first 5k race to having completed my 5th marathon in 2014. I never imagined I would ever run and complete a marathon, but when you dream big you can look up and surprise yourself. My next big running goal is upon me.

When I set new running goals, I like to find ways to stay motivated in my training by using the goal as an opportunity to help others. 

I have a heart for vulnerable children.  Children who are in circumstances that may hold them back from their dreams and the great things God has created them to do. So....

The Challenge

On December 19, 2015, I'm stepping up to the challenge of 50 kilometers (just over 31 miles) from Bentonville (Wishing Springs Trail) to Johnson (behind the Dollar General give or take a few steps) using the Razorback Greenway Trail system with each kilometer helping those less fortunate.

I started this fundraiser to raise at least $5,000.   Every penny of this one run goes to help two charities who are making a world of difference in the lives of children in our community and across the world in Uganda. 

Hence 1 Run, 2 Charities, A World of Difference.

The Children's Safety Center was started in 1997 and is a child-friendly, family-centered facility located in Springdale, AR and coordinates the complex investigation, prosecution, and treatment services for the child victims of sexual and physical abuse in Washington County.  

In 2014 the Children's Safety Center provided services to 552 children.  On average, it costs more than $1,500 for each child the CSC serves.  All services are free of charge

His Mercy School for Orphans and Vulnerable Children is run by Pastor Edward Magumba and is located in the remote village of Kikubo, Uganda. 

The primary school currently serves around 300 children and has become one of the best performing schools in the region of Mayuge. 

In the last 2 years the highest score on the national exam to qualify for advancement to secondary schools has come from a student at His Mercy. 

Our church has been involved with Pastor Edward for the last 9 years and I have had a chance to help build classrooms, hold medical clinics, and spend time with the children personally. 

The school, the children, Uganda, and Pastor Edward hold a special place in my heart.     

The Goal

My goal is to raise at least $5,000 and will be split between The Children's Safety Center and His Mercy School for Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

I'm asking everyone I know to donate some amount per 1 kilometer (example $1 per kilometer equals $50 donation when I complete the run). 

Would you please join with me and help raise at least $5,000 to support these children and help the next generation and their future?

Thank you so much for being a part of my life and helping me accomplish something that's very, very important to me.

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Pure Charity 67M
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This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

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Chris Thornton
Springdale, AR

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Funded - January 06, 2016
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1 Run, 2 Charities, A World of Difference

by Chris Thornton 250 Lives Impacted

BackgroundAs many of you may know I love to get outside and run. Over the years I have gone from my first 5k race to having completed my 5th mar...

$6,672 One-time Donations
  • $5,000 One-time Goal
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